Coloroom Interiors - This is a creative workshop consisting of professionals in the field of design, architecture and fine art. Our activity was started in 2009, The basis of which was a creative group, which developed several directions in design - the design of the architectural environment, graphic and subject. In our opinion, these species are closely intertwined with each other. We also worked in parallel in the field of art and space decoration, in areas such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, stained glass. Since our team consisted of creative people, the rule was laid in the foundation - to always develop and create.

This means that we did not close only on orders, we simply searched, created, were engaged in creative work, shared ideas, in general did everything that we liked. Noticing that our work, not only like our friends, we decided to create such a workshop.

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We love modern trends in architecture and design, and we understand that for most of our clients, this is a new experience and challenge, but we always try to make this path interesting and informative.

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The interior of an apartment for a young family in
the style of a loft. Studio apartment for work and leisure.

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The layout of the apartment is built on the principle of open space,
that is, open space. From the hall you immediately
get into the living room, combined with the kitchen.

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Restaurant "FABIS"

Facade. A little about the history .... The restaurant is located near
with an amusement park. In its place was once a cinema.
Hence the unusual shape of the roof.

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ART Apartments

In the whole apartment we used light tones, which are
compensated by dark walnut parquet. In the
bedroom of the hostess dilates the smooth wall with a 3D
gypsum panel, illuminated from all sides and with warm light,
which sets an interesting play of light and shadow.

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Hi-Tech Geometry

Facade. We faced a difficult task.
The house has already been built
on the site, which had an unusual configuration.

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