Coloroom Interiors - This is a creative workshop consisting of professionals in the field of design, architecture and visual art.

Our activity was started in 2009. We developed several areas in design - architectural environment design, graphic and object. In our opinion, these species are closely intertwined with each other. In parallel, we worked in the field of fine art and space decoration, in areas such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, stained glass. Since our team consisted of creative people, the rule was laid in the basis - always to develop and create. This means that we did not close only on orders, we simply searched, created, were engaged in creative work, shared ideas, in general did everything that we liked. Noticing that our works are not only popular with our friends, it was decided to create their own workshop.

Over time, we focused more on the direction of architecture and interior and exterior design.

We really like modern trends in architecture, and we understand that for most of our clients this is a new experience and challenge. Our main task is to make this path interesting and informative. Indeed, in addition to the classical world there are dozens of other interesting trends and styles. Therefore, we look for an individual approach to each of our clients and try to build friendly and trusting relationships. In addition, we offer our clients turnkey options for work, when you are not tormented by the question “how to do this?” Where is all this to take? ”and most importantly, it saves your time and nerves. Our team has professional construction and furniture brigades. We are also partners with many well-known companies in furniture, lighting, interior decoration and so on.

Ordering a project from us, you get a ready-made solution, and we choose the best for you at reasonable prices. For us it makes no difference where you are. Our specialists are ready to provide you a service remotely, we have experience in conducting work online, or, under certain agreements, are ready to travel to anywhere in the world.

We always say that we are not afraid of experiments and bold decisions, that with certain qualities, nothing is impossible for us.